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About me

My studio looks over the Jarvil millpond in Oughtibridge, North Sheffield. Our home was built in the 1770’s and the studio was originally a stable, associated with the corn mill at this time. It then became a garage and now a studio with an exhibition space below and my workroom upstairs. The pond has ducks and a semi-resident heron. So, a lovely and peaceful spot to look out from.

    I began drawing and painting where I grew up in Herefordshire. This time of my life, up to the age of eighteen, probably formed my love of hills, water and shadows. As long as I can remember I have practiced art in some form or other: painting, collage, sewing and using a range of media.

    My husband Tony and I enjoy walks and cycling in our local hills and valleys and also in Derbyshire. I take photographs on the ipad on our travels and use these and reflections over time to work up into drawings and a version of what they may become, but, predictably, these ideas change as I get into the work. We also travel abroad as often as we can, mostly the Greek islands and Ireland where the coastlines and movement of the sea, along with the mountains, influence my work.

    Listening to music in my studio is also important to me and the ways in which I engage in a subject or idea. I play a range of music but can be inspired by the Beatles (lifelong fan), Leonard Cohen, the Eagles, Billy Joel et al. All of this and more is my solace and creative space for thinking, reflecting and experimentation. 

    I like to push and challenge myself creatively and have recently been experimenting with hot and cold wax with oils and acrylics, occasionally using coloured inks.

    Life continues to be a mystery and a learning journey for me and my art work, enabling me to make sense of the world, but only sometimes!

    Thank you for taking a look at my creative journey, post retirement, and my work.

Mo Laycock OBE

 •The Derwent Gallery - Grindleford, Derbyshire

 •The Green Man Gallery, Derbyshire

 •Creates Gallery - Monmouth

 •Leabrookes Art Gallery, Derbyshire

 •Various shared exhibitions with the Derbyshire Artists Guild in Derbyshire

 •The Framery, Sheffield

 •Art in the Garden, Sheffield

 •The Great Sheffield Art Show

 •Open up Studios, Sheffield. Annually in May.




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